The secret to better RVing adventures?

 1. Be the first to know RV news


FMCA, the best club for RVers

FMCA delivers exclusive, money-saving benefits to RV owners. Travel smarter and more confidently, knowing FMCA is looking out for you. 
“I cannot thank FMCA enough for the help and direction that their program (FMCAssist) provided to us during our hour of need.”  

JEFF S., F418884

Pompano Beach, FL

Hear it from FMCA members

KELSEY H., F459111

Monticello, MN

“I really love FMCA's magazine. When I show it to other campers, they want to borrow it. I always make sure to get it back for future reference because it is full of great articles!” 

The Top 5 Reasons to Join FMCA Today:

Have a question about how to repair your RV? Each month you will receive Family RVing magazine included in your dues. Family RVing is your source for RV insider news, repair & travel tips, and member stories. Plus, you'll have access to the digital archives.

 2. Save on tires

Keep rolling with FMCA. You will have exclusive access to the FMCA Tire Program to save HUNDREDS on Michelin, BF Goodrich and Continental tires. You can purchase tires for your whole fleet - RV, light truck, and passenger car. 

 3. Because peace of mind is priceless

Ever wonder how your family would get home if something unexpected happens? Join FMCA and get medical evacuation coverage included with your dues. You'll have peace of mind that your family AND your rig will get home safely in the case of a medical emergency. At a savings of $105, this benefit is well worth your annual dues! 

 4. Avoid roadside mishaps

Have a mechanical issue or roadside problem? As an FMCA member, you can get roadside assistance for just $69 per year for your RV and household cars. What a deal!

 5. Keep your family happy

Love it or hate it - not everyone likes to "unplug" on RV trips. For those trips where you need to stay connected for work or play (or just to show Grandma your vacation pics), FMCA delivers discounted mobile internet to members. Sign up for a Verizon or Sprint plan for just $49.99 per month (plus taxes).