Join FMCA's Book Club
 in Minot! 

Please Note: 

The Book Club will be held during our 100th FMCA International Convention in Minot, ND. 

Please read 15 Months of Winter: My Year in North Dakota by  John Bayer in advance.

Bring a copy of the book with you, if you'd like to have a chance to have it signed by the author. 

There is no additional fee for this program. 


FMCA 2019

15 Months of Winter

By John Bayer

About the Author

In July 2012, John Bayer left Los Angeles and moved to North Dakota. He moved there with a dream in his heart – the dream was to not live in Los Angeles anymore. John quickly discovered that North Dakota is the most "not Los Angeles" place in the world. 15 Months of Winter: My Year in North Dakota contains John's reflections and musing about living in the Dakota that doesn't have Mount Rushmore. Many of the essays in this book come directly from his award winning O! Pioneer newspaper column (ND Newspaper Association – First Place Humor column, 2012 & 2013).

John currently resides in Tucson, Arizona, but still thinks of Crosby, North Dakota, as his home away from civilization. John makes regular pilgrimages to North Dakota during non-winter months. He has also written The Way The Rhubarb Crumbles, a murder mystery novel set in the fictional town of Kirby, North Dakota. John will soon be releasing a new book of humor essays, Cry Like A Baby Like A Man. When not writing books, John works as a ghostwriter, content creator, and copy editor for a variety of clients.

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My Year in North Dakota