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Pathfinder Benefits Include:

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

Access great discounts on products and services that have been carefully negotiated for you as a future RV owner. Save on things like:

  • Tech Connect. RV owners on the road want to stay connected and have complete connectivity just like at home. FMCA Tech Connect provides data plans and internet access hotspots with all major carriersat significantly discounted pricing and no annual contracts. 
  • Tires. Save HUNDREDS of dollars on specially rated RV, light truck, and passenger car tires.
  • Insurance discounts. Home, auto (and RV when you need it), health, even pet insurance. Our special members-only plans can save you money on your insurance needs even before you purchase your dream RV. 

FMCA University

Get 24/7 access to a treasure-trove of expertise about owning and maintaining an RV. Topics include RV water, electricity, tires, storage, fueling, cooking and much more! 

There are over 200 RV-specific lesson plans to help you be the smartest RV shopper out there. Each lesson includes a simple quiz at the end to test your understanding of the topic. 

Family RVing  Digital Magazine & Newsletters

Family RVing bi-monthly magazine is packed full of new hardware reviews, travel articles and valuable information about the RV lifestyle. This is ranked the #1 member benefit year after year—and is NOT available on newsstands. Pathfinder members also have access to member e-newsletters including Mile Marker, Tech Talk, RV Curious, as well as the FMCAdventure blog.

A special pathway to RV ownership built just for Pathfinder members like you. Here you can organize your search into the RV lifestyle topics such as understanding the different RV Types, the steps involved in buying & ownership, camping locations, trip planning,  accommodations, community & lifestyle and more.

Exclusive Pathfinder Website Content

When you become an RV owner you can travel confidently with this valuable benefit. If you are more than 75 miles from your home and have a medical event that prevents you from continuing your travels, you have a medical evacuation and repatriation plan to help assist with the return of your vehicle, your pets, your dependent children and even provide travel expenses for a family member who might need to join you. 

FMCAssist Medical Emergency Travel Assistance


RV Resources & Marketplace

More valuable information is available to help you understand the path to RV ownership through:

  • RV Resources. This is THE place for Pathfinder members to learn more about things like campground locator apps, RV friendly apps, extended trip planning, new RV driver checklists and more. 
  • RV Marketplace. Here you can connect with hundreds of brands and products that you will want to know about as you explore RV ownership. Tire pressure monitors, pet products, cooking gadgets, storage resources, FMCA member discounts, and even RV sales and service. This one-stop resource puts the world of RV product discounts in your hands. 

Join as a Pathfinder today and begin your journey to enjoyable and affordable RV ownership.