Please Note: 

The Book Club will be held during our 102nd FMCA International Convention in Perry, GA. 

Please read The Reluctant RV Wife by Gerry Almand advance.

Bring a copy of the book with you, if you'd like to have it signed by the author. 

There is no additional fee for this program. 


About the Author

Gerri Almand is a retired social worker turned writer, storyteller, and speaker. Her husband’s retirement crisis, which included buying an RV and declaring they should see the world, has given her untold ammunition for writing material. With a permanent home address in Tampa, Florida, Gerri and her husband Michael Hamlin now switch off their reluctance. She continues to feel quasi-reluctant on the road, and he feels acutely-reluctant during their periods at home.

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Follow a reluctant wife and her excited husband through two humorously-conflicted years of RV travel. He wanted to go. She wanted to stay. They both learn, grow, and change as a new level of freedom evolves.