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The Book Club will be held Saturday, March 16 at 1:00 p.m.

Please read The Cracker Queen: A Memoir of a Jagged, Joyful Life by Lauretta Hannon in advance.

Bring a copy of the book with you, if you'd like to have a chance to have it signed by the author. 

There is no additional fee for this program. 


FMCA 2018-2019

The Cracker Queen

By Lauretta Hannon

About the Author

Lauretta Hannon is known as “the funniest woman in Georgia,” according to Southern Living. Her second book, The Cracker Queen: A Memoir of a Jagged, Joyful Life, was selected to be in the Georgia Center for the Book’s 2010 list of “25 Books All Georgians Should Read.”

Lauretta held a number of jobs in her life including vice president of an advertising agency, a cocktail waitress, a newspaper columnist, a fortune teller, and the most award-winning communications expert in higher education. In fact, she has over 200 awards to prove it. She has also served on the board of Georgia Women of Achievement and the Investing in People Foundation. In 2000, Lauretta became a national celebrity when she started commentating on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, which has more than 25 million listeners. It is no wonder her memoir became a Southern Indie Best Seller just three weeks after it was released.

The Cracker Queen demonstrates how Lauretta overcame her dysfunctional family and personal hardships to find joy in the face of adversity. Her memoir showcases a new Southern woman – one who is witty, resilient, colorful, flawed, imaginative, and authentic. The Cracker Queens are finally getting their time in the spotlight, all thanks to Lauretta Hannon.

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A Memoir of a Jagged, Joyful Life

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