FMCA Working To Become More "Member Driven"

Increasing membership engagement is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations of all types and sizes. Finding ways to engage the needs of the “next generation” of members is ultimately what keeps an organization going. FMCA has created a Membership Engagement Committee to develop strategies that can be used to get members more involved.


Next Steps

Through research and surveys, we found that many FMCA members felt they had no voice within the organization, despite FMCA being a member-owned RV association. 

This is your opportunity to have a direct impact in shaping the future of FMCA!

Click the YES, I WANT TO HELP button below to submit your name, membership number, and a little bit about yourself for review. The information you provide will help to determine your candidacy and qualifications in choosing future FMCA committee members.

Mission Statement

FMCA will become a member driven organization when all our members have a voice and have opportunities to participate in ways that enhances their RV lifestyle and experience. FMCA will achieve this vision, when our culture, policies, programs and services keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of the industry and our members.

Help FMCA president Rett Porter achieve his vision of FMCA becoming a more member-driven organization!  

Click on the FAQ button below to see answers to frequently asked questions or the PowerPoint presentation to learn more about Rett's vision and the work of the Member Engagement Committee.

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